Advice From My Mom

Let me start by saying I love my mom and dad. My parents are wonderful people who have been very supportive of my quest to follow my dreams. They are also both full of ideas that they believe would be the key to my success.

My mom is a very sweet woman, with a heart of gold. She is a pediatric nurse and in all seriousness I’m not sure how she has the strength to care for sick children, some terminally ill, everyday and still find joy and laughter with her patients and in her life. It seems she also has some inside showbiz tips that she believes would really boost my career. The first of her tips for me was to let the casting directors know that I can play a convincing retarded person. When I was younger we had been watching the 1999 movie “The Other Sister” with Giovanni Ribisi and Juliette Lewis. Both Giovanni and Juliette play mentally challenged people who fall in love. I decided to try my hand at playing Juliette’s role and went around the house for the rest of the night (and part of the next day) playing that character. My mom was very impressed and said that she is a nurse and she cares for actual mentally challenged patients and that I was very convincing. To this day she brings it up and is sure that I would book a part on Law and Order if they just knew that I can play a mentally challenged or disabled person.  I wonder how this plays out in her mind, does she think I should walk into the offices of Law and Order and announce to them that I can play disabled or just walk in acting that way? Does she think I should put it on my resume under special skills? Special Skills: Swimming, Singing, intellectually challenged person impersonator, tap dancing. The other thing that interests me here is that she is not sure Law and Order should cast me as a regular woman in her thirties, which I actually am. Apparently I am not convincing enough in the role of an able minded adult female but if they need someone who is mentally challenged, according to my mom, I’m the girl! My mother also believes I would have a real boost in my acting career if I start wearing wigs. More often than you would believe she suggests that I try some different wigs as it could really help my look and make my hair look fuller. I was talking to her last night and telling her about how I had just gotten new headshots and she asked me if I had “thought about purchasing some different wigs for the pictures?” I had not thought of my hair as being one of my problem areas but since my mom brings it up so often I’m starting to wonder – is it my hair that is stopping me from the success I dream of? Perhaps I should pick out a series of wigs and bring them to my next audition. I could go in with one wig do the audition then go out into the hallway and put on a different wig and try the audition all over again. She has been bringing this up for a few years now so I’m thinking I should just give her idea a try. Not the one where I tell people I do a good mentally challenged person – I’m not trying to offend people or get the ACLU all riled up. I will try the wigs! As seriously as possible I will take some new headshots and if there are any casting directors that see these pictures and suddenly realize that I would be perfect for your project due to the wigs please let me know. You would make my mom really happy to know she was right. yellow bobblack bob   feathered   Also… I went to a seminar given by John Palotta who was talking about parts he has played where he had a disability and remembering what my mom has always told me I thought I’d see what he had to say…

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  1. Emmy, That was great! There are not many things that actually make me laugh but after a very busy Friday, I sat at my desk and had a good laugh. Even if I did not know your mother, your writing had just the right touch of warmth and humor in portraying her. Thank you for sharing, Aunt Lucille

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