Let me share my two cents.



No not my opinion, my actual two cents. That’s right, the big bucks are rolling in now, residuals baby…I just a got a check in the mail for $.02!

The residual check is from a job I did a few years ago, recording voiceover for the adorable show “The Wonder Pets”. I get these checks fairly often, usually for five dollars here or ten dollars there. Residuals are pay for all the times the network re airs an episode or for the sales of the episode on iTunes or usage on Netflix. The show is on Nick Jr., which is cable not network TV, so the residual rates are on the lower side but that’s ok, I like the show, I love recording for animation and the people at Nickelodeon are very nice. The other bonus to receiving these small but somewhat frequent checks is looking at the pay stub, where it says description of services it reads in bold letters “MOTHER COW” I love any job where your description of services reads like a inventory list of farm animals. I also get these same kinds of checks for another episode I was in but on those checks the description reads “MOTHER SKUNK”. I can’t wait until I’m audited one day and get to explain that to the IRS but until then I’m happy just to imagine what they are picturing in their heads.

In conclusion I will take my $.02 check to the bank and deposit it proudly. If the bank teller gives me any guff, I will just moo. I mean that’s a money making moo after all.

two cent check


Post Script

I would like some credit for resisting the very strong urge to use cow puns and/or jokes in this entry and especially for not titling it Moo-lah. It was very hard not to reference the “cash cows” some jobs can be. Or to ask “hey, why is the cow always broke?” The answer invariably being, “because the farmer milked her dry.” I never mentioned that I have no problem milking paychecks for all they are worth be they big or small and I never said that some may think it would stink to get a check for being a skunk. I didn’t get into how over the moon I was to even be cast in the role in first place and that I would never look a gift horse, (still farm related), in the mouth. So, you are welcome for sparing you that kind of groan worthy post and I hope you found what I did write to be at least somewhat a-moo-sing.

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