New Here?

Warning: This is not glamorous and there’s no name dropping, salacious A list gossip or inside celebrity secrets.
Driving with curlers

  • Then what is it?
    It’s a raw look at what it’s like trying to make a living as a working actor.
  • Won’t this be pretty boring then?
    It might be, I’m not gonna’ lie. If things do get salacious or even the littlest bit glamorous I’ll tell you about it though, so here’s hoping!!!
  • Why are you doing this?
    I suggest you start at the beginning with  “If I Were Famous Would This Be Funnier”. That was my first post and pretty much sums it all up, what I’m doing and why.
  • Wait a minute, who are you?
    Well I’m an actor and voiceover artist. I’ve voiced characters on Pokemon and various cartoons and commercials. You might have heard me in your office on one of those interoffice powerpoint presentations or instructional videos. You might have seen my back on the Discovery channel in a murder recreation. You might have seen my face pop in and talk on House of Cards. Maybe you love watching Improvisational Comedy? I do a lot of that. Check out my website and maybe something on my resume, demos or videos will ring a bell.
    © 2012 | Kristina Sherk Photography |
  • Will this be full of uplifting stories of how you worked hard and it paid off?
    Nope.  There is some success in here but there’s also a ton of failure.  Personally I’m sick of reading these stories where everything works out great in the end.  Life doesn’t always go the way we want it to, I prefer to embrace that and find a way to laugh at it.
  • Why should I read this?
    I guess maybe because our lives are different and you’d like to take a peek in to see just how different we are . Or maybe because we’re not that different at all. Basically either you’ll find this totally relatable and laugh along side me, my failures and triumphs or you’ll think I’m a freak and be laughing at me. Either way your laughing.  There’s also the chance that you find this all completely uninteresting and you just feel pity for me – in that case at least I made you feel something.  Oh just read it! You know you’ll be surfing around on the internet aimlessly for hours anyway.



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