Don’t count your chickens before they hatch … but at least get paid for them: Getting cast on Veep, Part 2 of 3.

When you’re on the set of a film or television show you meet a lot of interesting people. There are so many different people doing so many different jobs, lighting, sound, production assistants, caterers, wardrobe and background just to name a very few. Background is hard work; I’ve done a decent amount of it. It’s […]

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Corporate Comedy

I’ve never really worked for a corporation or even in an office for that matter. When I first moved to New York City straight out of college I was trying to find a day job, the thing actors have to do to make money, I had heard of a lot of people getting work through […]

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I Steal Ham

If you’ve been reading this chronicle of my days and struggle/ journey to become a successful actor you probably notice that it’s a lot of effort for little return. The truth of the matter is all this work for such little recognition and by recognition I mean yes I need for people to like me […]

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